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About Me

Hi I'm Patrick. I'm an entrepreneur and developer of all things related to code. I have a number of different passions when it comes top projects. Most of my work thus far has originated from my professional training in Bioinformatics. I have spent the last 3 years studying both computer science and bioinformatics and working on projects utilizing extremely large datasets contains terabytes of information. I also love to tinker with computer hardware and build custom systems that can run everything from a basic webserver to a powerful workstation.

Other than Bioinformatics a few other small projects that I have worked on include a web application for students to determine which courses they might like to take to fill in options or requirements within their degrees. Check out some of my recent projects to see what I have been up to lately.

Contact Me

If your looking for some to build your next great project or just a small idea you want to bring to the real world feel free to contact me.

Recent Projects

Geometric Energy Website

Geometric Energy Corporation

A new page for a Green Energy startup focusing on cutting edge research and applications in Electrochemical Research and Development & Photovoltaic Systems Engineering


de Koning Lab

A DNA sequence pipeline for inferring community structure and relative abundances. EzMap utilizes state of the art bioinformatics tools to clean, map and categorize DNA sequence.

3D Metadata Database

Hallgrimsson Lab

A MySQL Database with a LAMP frontend to store research data going back a number of years. This systems enables secondary studies to be conducted on existing data and allows all of the researchers involved with the project to view data.

University Course Tracker

Personal Project

A simple Bootstrap site to help students track which courses they have taken and which ones they are missing in order to complete their degree. This project used a LAMP stack to enable all of the functionality required.


  • Vivametrica | Feb 2018 - Present

    Technology Lead

    Responsible for delivering all aspects of Vivametrica’s web, mobile and API based analytics solutions platform.

    • Mentored and grew development team to 4 full stack developers
    • Product planning and management
    • User and Client Support
    • Feature development and implementation
    • Development process streamlining and improvement
    • Platform deployment and management on AWS
  • Vivametrica | Sept 2016 - Feb 2018

    Fullstack Developer
    • Enabled platform scalability by evolving MVP into scalable API and Web Application
    • Participated in Product planning and management
    • Provided User and Client Support
    • Assisted with Managing AWS Deployments
  • de Koning Lab | Summer 2016

    Student Researcher at the University of Calgary
    • Evaluating novel network analysis methods
    • Implementing and optimized algorithms in C++
  • de Koning Lab | Summer 2015

    Student Researcher at the University of Calgary
    • Designing a DNA sequence Analysis Pipeline
    • Implementing pipelines in Python with HTML, and JavaScript Endpoints
  • Hallgrimsson Lab | Summer 2014

    Student Researcher at the University of Calgary
    • Designing Databases Systems
    • Implementing back and front end solutions
    • Finding creative solutions to manage large amounts of data